The Roger Fenton from London(2)Roger Fenton was born in 1819 and died in 1869. Mr. Fenton is most famous for his pictures of war. He was hired to take pictures to capture the hardships of the war. The war was in the Crimea Peninsula (1855). Fenton’s photographs were the first large-scale photographic documentation of war. Roger Fenton traveled to many places including Paris, Ukraine, the Crimea Peninsula, and Wales. His work was published in the London News, his work was converted into woodblocks so it could be published. His education included a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University College in London in 1840, and he also studied the new negative-positive collodion process at the studio of Gustave Le Gray. Mr. Fenton was one of the most celebrated and influential photographer in England during the medium’s “golden age” of the 185go(1)0s. He founded the Photographic Society in 1853, which was later called the Royal Photographic Society. My favorite work of his was his most famous picture called, The valley of the shadow of death. It depicts a ravine scattered with cannonballs just left there by passing soldiers.