Born July 6, 1941,-  May 15, 2009

He was most famous for his 1975 image of evacuees lining up on a Saigon rooftop to board a helicopter at the frenzied close of the Vietnam War.

Where is was published

What he would do is he would take the photo using a long lens and sent it out over the U.P.I. wire service. The building in the picture housed C.I.A. officials and families, but in re printings it has often been described incorrectly as the American Embassy in Saigon. Thousands of people were evacuated by helicopter during the fall of South Vietnam.

Places he traveled too were..

  • South Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon)

Why he choose being a photojournalist:

Mr. Van Es decided to become a photographer after seeing an exhibition of the work of the renowned war photographer Robert Capa.