images-8 Who is Martin Parr, you may ask. Martin Parr isn’t just some random man, that’s something for sure. Martin Parr is an well known as a British documentary  photographer and taking photos of human’s but instead of a taking a photo that can indicate ‘beauty’, it catches such intimate and mocking-like pictures. When I say mocking-like pictures, I meant as in pictures that shows how messy people can be public. Martin’s photos are described as playful and sometimes beautiful, though there are times his photos could be cheeky and rude at times.images-5

So far his photos has been shown over 80 exhibitions around the world. He started his photo taking journey in the country he was borned and currently lived at the time, England. Soon he started taking off to other places that included Greece, Italy, India, USA, Japan, France, Spain, and etc.  Martin’s story of about his interested in photography started when he was a young teenager. He was guided by his grandfather, an amateur photographer who taught him the basics of photography. Around the early 1970s, he attended Manchester Polytechnic and studied photography there.

Now for the word from your fellow journalist before we wrap this article up. His photos are unique, I admit that. Out of all the photos he took, however, only one got my attention. This one photo is name is The Last Resort #30. The reason this one got my attention is because it’s rather amusing and something I can help but laugh when I imagine myself or any other person with ice cream dripping down my face and make a huge mess. I got to admit, the photos he take can be taken as offense but there are some that truly show the indication of playfullness.