You could definitely say that Antonin Kratochvil’s photographic style is based off of his past experiences. He was originally born in Czechoslovakia but fled to Europe and lived as an illegal immigrant, but then left for America and started his career as a journalist.

Kratochvil has traveled all around the world to document some pretty horrendous and dramatic events. One of his first books was about the conflicted countries of Ukraine and Romania along with Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Rwandan genocide, etc. Most of his shots are in black and white and conveys sad emotions. A lot of his pictures start controversy since he doesn’t take them traditionally, but they’re out of focus or even taken through a piece of fabric or glass. Although many don’t understand his work, it overall contributes to the style and the type of emotion that will make the observer feel. He has many awards many of which include: two World Press Photos and Dorothy Lange Prize from Duke.

Kratochivil was a very unique photographer that manage to capture many tragedies in way that was special to him and connected to his past. His pictures definitely proved to speak and get across to the topic.