altafsmallAltaf Qadri is a well known man in the word that other photojournalists and journalist may or may not know of. He’s a Kashmiri-Indian photojournalist who took photos at India and traveled to places like Libya, Morocco, and etc. Due to him to basically taking places at Indian and not traveling other than that, this cause others not to be well known of him. But it won’t surprise others if he was well known. The reason for this is because his photographs and stories are published within newspapers and news-magazines, such that includes with the National Geographic, The New York Times, and etc.images-4

Everything started when he went to University of Kashmir. When he start attending to university, he studied the field of science and worked as a computer engineer. Only later did he did he join a local newspaper as a staff photographer. His photos has such high effect on others as he catches conditions of different places in India such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and etc.

Now time for your fellow journalist’s opinion. His photos holds truth and darkness of the way the world is. I truly can’t pick a favorite, but I do have my own favorite series of collections. His collections of school for less fortunate touches my heart as I see how the children are being taught in such a poor environment. Some won’t be able to get the education they need and work instead. Altaf is really a respectable and amazing man when it comes to taking photos to make the world see that there are people who have it worse then us.