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Tim Hetherington was born on December 5th, 1970 and died on April 20, 2011. His mission was to create a better understanding of the world around him. He focused on capturing war life and sleeping soldiers. He has had many films produces including Sleeping Soldiers in 2009, Diary in 2010, Restrepo in 2010, and The Devil Came on Horseback in 2007. He has more but these are his most famous. When you are a photojournalidownload (1)st, you have to travel for your work. Tim has mostly traveled to places experiencing war. He lived in Africa for a long time. One of his trips was to Libya where he was tragically shot while a fight was going on.

Tim has had a lot of education. He went to Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, Cardiff University, and Stonyhurst College.  After graduating, he began a deep exploration of visual media to use for a tool to go into depth about the issues that fascinate him. At first he worked for UK press then went into international coverage. He made magazines, documentaries, artwork, and multimedia exhibitions. My favorite photo of his is the one of the soldier golfing. I like this because it shows that even while war is going on and they are fighting in it, soldiers still have hobbies they like to do and enjoy doing normal things and getting away from the war. Tim_Hefferington_Soldier_golfing