Manoocher Deghati

download (3)Manoocher was born in 1954. He is famous for taking pictures of war life in Iran. He has also won two WordPress awards for general news and daily life. He has taken wonderful pictures and has even taken a picture that was used for the cover of the book The Iran War. Because He takes pictures of war life, he has traveled to many places.  He has been to France, Iran, Syria, and India. I am not sure if he had any special education but he did Worked at Middle East Regional Photo Editor for AP for 4 years. images (3)

My favorite photo of his is the one of the little boy in the rain. I like this one because it shows that even when bad things are happening around, kids still want to have fun and play in the rain. I also like it because it is sidownload (4)mple and eye-catching. It also shows that even when everything is going wrong and nothing is going right, that you can find something  or someone to make you happy and to help you.