download (2)David Guttenfelder

David was born in 1969 in Iowa. He is famous for pictures of Japan, Afghanistan, and Korea. His work has been in National Geographic and has won numerous awards from WordPress and even has a Shorty award for Photography. He is actually working for National Geographic Photography.  He has spent eighteen years being a photojournalist. At first he was a freelance photography, but then move up and did more professional jobs. David has traveled to many places for his work including Afghanistan, North Korea, Japan, Iraq, and Africa.I not sure if he went to a special photography school but, his education includes going to the University of Dar es Salaam.

images (2)My favorite photo of his is the one of the women doing synchronized swimming. I like this picture because David does a lot of war photos and this one is so different from his normal photos and it is colorful and happy. It is very bright and cheerful and interesting to look at because you can see the girls expressions and how they felt in that exact moment. David Guttenfelder is an AP(Associated Press) Photography now and takes pictures for that convey messages to everyone about the world we live in.