Joshua Benoliel Joshua Benoliel a man born in January 13,1873 in Lisbon, Portugal, and later died at the age of 59. He was photojournalist that captured He was a British photojournalist who became the official photographer of King Carlos I of Portugal.  He first started his career as a sports magazine journalist. Most of his work was published in a newspaper called ABC and L’Illustration. One of his famous photos were called “Civil Shooting” which was basically his first photo ever to be published. “Civil Shooting” magazine in 1899, with which he also Joshuacollaborates as an amateur, since it is thought that by then would still customs broker.  A photographic heritage of the cities is the work of various contingencies, determining the fate of each person and each property. This is one of my favorite photos because it shows the soldiers and the citizens all being it in together. He mostly traveled around his home area which was Lisbon, Portugal.