zoriah (1) It doesn’t take a year to be a good photojournalist.

It simply takes hardships and terrifying things around you. Zoriah Miller was a war photojournalist. He experienced war, natural disasters, and sad faces. He photographed what was happening around the world, not the newest phone or, the next top model, but the sad things that people choose not to see. Zoriah Miller was almost a saint. He tried as much as he could to help others. On January of 2010, Zoriah won the PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award for his work on famine in Africa.  While he was on break from photojournalism he aided in the red cross. zoriahmilleratzialowres

He was born on January 27, 1976, into a humble beginning. At the age of fifteen, he started photojournalism. The work of a freelance journalist is hard, he got published about everywhere, though. He worked hard to get jobs and, traveled to many places. He spent much of his time in Iraq photographing the war. He also went to Gaza and many more places. He has been to almost every corner of the earth. In 2006, he won photographer of the year award by More Praxis Organization for his documentary on the Gaza conflict.

Zoriah MPicture-22iller didn’t go to college, he went to war. Again, he worked as hard as he could to make the world a better place. He started at age 15, therefore, he was good at his job. He later became famous for his photographs of marines dying in military conflicts, a lot of his work is quite depressing. Nonetheless, my favorite photograph he took was a flower sprouting from the dark burned soil. He was truly an optimist.

tumblr_n0nt25CVst1tqddjlo1_500It doesn’t take much to be a photojournalist, but It takes a lot to be as good as Zoriah Miller. He was someone who went up close and saw and experienced hell to get what he needed.