51XNFNQ0MPL._AC_UL320_SR318,320_ Behind enemy lines, risking your life, getting the perfect shot; Margeret Bourke-White was one of those people. She was the first Foreign(She was American) to photograph the Soviet Union Industry. Also, she was one of the first American (women) War journalists. She was a very successful Photojournalist. Although she first wanted to be a herpetologist, she wanted to study amphibians, she decided in the end that she was going to be a photojournalist.50374434

Margeret father was a photographer and her family always encouraged her creativity. In 1937 her most famous photograph “Have you saw their faces”  was taken. Bourke-White’s photographs are in the Brooklyn Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the New Mexico Museum of Art  and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and et cetera.


Margeret has been to many places. Due to her being the first foreign journalist to photograph Russia’s industry during the war, she obviously went to Russia. She was very famous for her photos in Pakistan and India. She traveled many other places in America such as Bronx New York.