Budnik-Dan-232x300Over the past few weeks, I have been conducting research about three famous photojournalists. One of these photojournalists that I researched is Dan Budnik. Dan Budnik is famous for his portraits of artists and photos of the Civil Rights Movement and Native American life. Some of his famous photos are of Martin Luther and the military. His work has been published in multiple different medias. They include Time Magazine and the “Marching to the Freedom Dream” book cover. Dan Budnik is also a well traveled man. He has traveled to Long Island, New York, Havana, northern Arizona, Tucson, and Flagstaff Arizona. Although Dan Budnik is an expert photographer, his education was not the cause. He studied at the Art Students’ League of New York. His studies were focused on painting. Dan Budnik was an amazing artist, and his work reflects this.