Carol-Guzy-HFEmritus_4171_2Carol Guzy is a photojournalist who is a famous American news photographer for The Washington Post. She is also one of four people to have one of four people who have won the Pulitzer Prize four times. She is the only Journalist with this achievement. Her work has been published in “The Washington Post”. Some of her work has been on display at an event called The Bark. Carol Guzy is a semi well traveled woman. She has traveled to Somalia, Haiti, Washington D.C., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Rwanda. Most of her pictures are taken in countries full of famine. In her early years, she wasn’t on a course to becoming a photographer. Carol went to Northampton Community College, nursing school. She realized that she was not enjoying her studies so she quit and took a photography course, an internship, and then a job at the Miami Herald. I like Carol Guzy’s work quite a bit. Her pictures are very powerful and they inflict prominent emotions.