Life at war is hard, depressing, and terrifying. Taking Pictures requires precision, a good view, and hard work. Russel Klika did both of these things. He appealed to audiences and shows the world what is happening.

640px-The_Touch_by_Russell_l._KlikaRussel was an award-winning war Photojournalist. He captured the last three war theaters and has been many places around the world. He is a freelance, so most of his work get published in many places such as NYT (New York Times), the Times and other magazines, and newspapers.

Russel Klika was mainly known for his pictures in Iraq. He took photos of anything he could. His mOH5xxH6s (1)ost famous one was the Cover photo for IRAQ (Through the eyes of an American Soldier) He was known for going and getting the up close pictures.

Since he went to war he didn’t go through any specific classes or schools to do this job, he just worked hard and had practice. This was very tasking on an American soldier since he had to protect people but, he also had to take pictures of the bad side and had to watch these images go by.