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February 2016


scary man(1)Brassia was born in 1899 and died in 1984. He became known for his photographs of Paris nightlife in the 1930s. Images of the Eiffel Tower is some of his best work. Brassai captured the essence of the city in his photographs, published as his first collection in the 1933 book entitled Paris de nuit (Paris by Night). He has traveled to many places around the world like: Romania, Paris, Budapest, and Berlin to take pictures for his work. Brassia’s 56-265841-paris-exposition-universelle(1)education consisted of studying paintings and sculptures at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. Some of his works that have became my most favorite are the ones capturing the Eiffel Tower at night. They are so beautiful with how he positions the camera to catch the light bouncing off the tower. His pictures are truly a work of art.


Ellen Von Unwerth

choo choo(1) Ellen Von Unwerth was born in 1954 and is still alive today at the age of 62. Unwerth first found her fame when she first photographed Claudia Schiffer (a German model). Her work has been published in top magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, The Face, Arena, Twill, L’Uomo Vogue and I-D. Most of her photographs have been published in fashion magazines. Ellen has traveled all around to places like: Europe, New York, Los Angeles, and Germany. One of her most favorite places to visit is New York! Unwerth had an odd education experience after she graduated high cool hippie lady with mad picture skills(1)school, the circus caught her attention in Munich, and she was hired as an assistant, doing magic shows and stunts as well. It was not a degree but it was definitely an experience that will last a lifetime! My favorite picture of hers is the piece of her work in a Vogue ad. It depicts two girls holding hands over a railroad. This reminded me of me and my best friend hanging out and exploring around town.

Joshua Benoliel

Joshua Benoliel Joshua Benoliel a man born in January 13,1873 in Lisbon, Portugal, and later died at the age of 59. He was photojournalist that captured He was a British photojournalist who became the official photographer of King Carlos I of Portugal.  He first started his career as a sports magazine journalist. Most of his work was published in a newspaper called ABC and L’Illustration. One of his famous photos were called “Civil Shooting” which was basically his first photo ever to be published. “Civil Shooting” magazine in 1899, with which he also Joshuacollaborates as an amateur, since it is thought that by then would still customs broker.  A photographic heritage of the cities is the work of various contingencies, determining the fate of each person and each property. This is one of my favorite photos because it shows the soldiers and the citizens all being it in together. He mostly traveled around his home area which was Lisbon, Portugal.


Margeret White – The First of Many

51XNFNQ0MPL._AC_UL320_SR318,320_ Behind enemy lines, risking your life, getting the perfect shot; Margeret Bourke-White was one of those people. She was the first Foreign(She was American) to photograph the Soviet Union Industry. Also, she was one of the first American (women) War journalists. She was a very successful Photojournalist. Although she first wanted to be a herpetologist, she wanted to study amphibians, she decided in the end that she was going to be a photojournalist.50374434

Margeret father was a photographer and her family always encouraged her creativity. In 1937 her most famous photograph “Have you saw their faces”  was taken. Bourke-White’s photographs are in the Brooklyn Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the New Mexico Museum of Art  and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and et cetera.


Margeret has been to many places. Due to her being the first foreign journalist to photograph Russia’s industry during the war, she obviously went to Russia. She was very famous for her photos in Pakistan and India. She traveled many other places in America such as Bronx New York.

To Be a Great Photojournalist – Zoriah Miller

zoriah (1) It doesn’t take a year to be a good photojournalist.

It simply takes hardships and terrifying things around you. Zoriah Miller was a war photojournalist. He experienced war, natural disasters, and sad faces. He photographed what was happening around the world, not the newest phone or, the next top model, but the sad things that people choose not to see. Zoriah Miller was almost a saint. He tried as much as he could to help others. On January of 2010, Zoriah won the PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award for his work on famine in Africa.  While he was on break from photojournalism he aided in the red cross. zoriahmilleratzialowres

He was born on January 27, 1976, into a humble beginning. At the age of fifteen, he started photojournalism. The work of a freelance journalist is hard, he got published about everywhere, though. He worked hard to get jobs and, traveled to many places. He spent much of his time in Iraq photographing the war. He also went to Gaza and many more places. He has been to almost every corner of the earth. In 2006, he won photographer of the year award by More Praxis Organization for his documentary on the Gaza conflict.

Zoriah MPicture-22iller didn’t go to college, he went to war. Again, he worked as hard as he could to make the world a better place. He started at age 15, therefore, he was good at his job. He later became famous for his photographs of marines dying in military conflicts, a lot of his work is quite depressing. Nonetheless, my favorite photograph he took was a flower sprouting from the dark burned soil. He was truly an optimist.

tumblr_n0nt25CVst1tqddjlo1_500It doesn’t take much to be a photojournalist, but It takes a lot to be as good as Zoriah Miller. He was someone who went up close and saw and experienced hell to get what he needed.

Appealing and Feeling – Russel Klika

Life at war is hard, depressing, and terrifying. Taking Pictures requires precision, a good view, and hard work. Russel Klika did both of these things. He appealed to audiences and shows the world what is happening.

640px-The_Touch_by_Russell_l._KlikaRussel was an award-winning war Photojournalist. He captured the last three war theaters and has been many places around the world. He is a freelance, so most of his work get published in many places such as NYT (New York Times), the Times and other magazines, and newspapers.

Russel Klika was mainly known for his pictures in Iraq. He took photos of anything he could. His mOH5xxH6s (1)ost famous one was the Cover photo for IRAQ (Through the eyes of an American Soldier) He was known for going and getting the up close pictures.

Since he went to war he didn’t go through any specific classes or schools to do this job, he just worked hard and had practice. This was very tasking on an American soldier since he had to protect people but, he also had to take pictures of the bad side and had to watch these images go by.

Eddie Adams

eddie-adamsEddie Adams was a photojournalist who was famous for his portraits of celebrities and coverage of the 13 years war. Some of his work includes a picture of Albert Einstein and conflict. His work has published in L’Optimum magazine, and “The  New York Times”. He has also had his work displayed in the Monroe gallery of Photography. Eddie Adams wasn’t very well traveled. He has visited New Kensington, Pennsylvania, Korea, and Vietnam. Eddie Adams is a great photographer, his education does not reflect this. He has his high school diploma, and after he graduated he enlisted in the US Marine Corps.

Dan Budnik

Budnik-Dan-232x300Over the past few weeks, I have been conducting research about three famous photojournalists. One of these photojournalists that I researched is Dan Budnik. Dan Budnik is famous for his portraits of artists and photos of the Civil Rights Movement and Native American life. Some of his famous photos are of Martin Luther and the military. His work has been published in multiple different medias. They include Time Magazine and the “Marching to the Freedom Dream” book cover. Dan Budnik is also a well traveled man. He has traveled to Long Island, New York, Havana, northern Arizona, Tucson, and Flagstaff Arizona. Although Dan Budnik is an expert photographer, his education was not the cause. He studied at the Art Students’ League of New York. His studies were focused on painting. Dan Budnik was an amazing artist, and his work reflects this.

Carol Guzy

Carol-Guzy-HFEmritus_4171_2Carol Guzy is a photojournalist who is a famous American news photographer for The Washington Post. She is also one of four people to have one of four people who have won the Pulitzer Prize four times. She is the only Journalist with this achievement. Her work has been published in “The Washington Post”. Some of her work has been on display at an event called The Bark. Carol Guzy is a semi well traveled woman. She has traveled to Somalia, Haiti, Washington D.C., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Rwanda. Most of her pictures are taken in countries full of famine. In her early years, she wasn’t on a course to becoming a photographer. Carol went to Northampton Community College, nursing school. She realized that she was not enjoying her studies so she quit and took a photography course, an internship, and then a job at the Miami Herald. I like Carol Guzy’s work quite a bit. Her pictures are very powerful and they inflict prominent emotions.

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