received_909028682528337 20160112_111513 e09da056-775b-4509-a6b9-acc8254b1c12 20160112_111551Over the winter break that occurred about a week ago, students from New Tech enjoyed Christmas and the new year. Most people went over to their relatives house or stayed at home and celebrated Christmas or celebrated their New year’s.
After interviewing several students during lunch, we discovered that ,many kids received nice presents and enjoyed their Christmas. Most presents of which were nice, were PS4’s, hairs straighteners, and someone got a piano. One of them even received a pocket knife. The students also enjoyed a variety of food during the break. Some ate tamales, pizza, sausage, and some even drank wine. Also, many students managed to stay up very late on Christmas Eve. Some even going through the whole day without closing their eyes. Overall the people of New Tech had a blast during Christmas break.