On January 11th, one of the biggest award ceremonies for any soccer fan took place at Zurich, Switzerland. Of course, such a grand ceremony would not be so famous if it wasn’t for the Ballon D’Or (golden ball) award. The winner is determined by votes on the player that had the best performance in the last year. This year’s winner turned out to be Lionel Messi. With this topic trending on all social media, we decided to interview some students at New Tech to see their reaction and thoughts.Messi Ballon D'or
After interviewing several students at New Tech, we were able to figure out soccer fans’ thought on the Ballon D’or ceremony. There were some that thought Messi deserved the award but others though that other nominees should have received. The other two nominees were Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar da Silva. Students thought that other people deserved to be nominated due to their performance last season. Some players they wanted were Robert Lewandowski, Sergio Aguero, Luis Suárez, and more. With a lot of students thoughts on this topic, we believe there are is a lot of variety in people’s favorite soccer players.