By Erin Declue

The big question nowadays is should school officials put track devices in student I.D.’s? I went around the school, and asked l learners and facilitators what they thought. I asked the same question to everyone I interviewed, here’s what they had to say:

Int: Should there be tracking device’s in student I.D.’s?

Learner: Yes, because if one of us gets kidnapped or hurt, then the school can track us and our location. 

Learner: No, what if aIMG_2749 hacker, or anyone for that matter, uses it to find where a student lives, their schedule, and kidnaps  them. It’s dangerous, the possibilities are endless. Anything can happen, and the school wouldn’t want that on their shoulders.

Facilitator: It depends. I would think if the school board had a meeting where we could look at the advantages and disadvantages, then depending on the feeling of the parents and guardians of the learners, then we would probably move forward with the idea. 

Now that you’ve read what others who had to say, what were the statistics of the survey? Well, including facilitators and learners, 38 said they would be up for tracking devices, 67 say they despise even the idea of it, and 41 say maybe.

What do you think, what would you do if the idea was introduced to your school? Here? Well the topic is still up in the air about it.