By: Taylor Voight and Eve Gower

Well they certainly don’t call us a Technology school for nothing, It seems our Smart Machinery only IMG_2170grows as the months go on. In 2nd quarter the school was given our very own 3D printer, making our school even better! Before we begin we would like to thank Mrs. Akehurst for taking the time to sit down with us personally for an interview. Alright for all you un-tech-savvy readers, a 3D printer is a printer that prints objects in a three-dimensional space, by using the X and Y axis. Wait! Don’t leave us now, we promise it’s not a math lecture! The 3D printer has the capability to print actual solid objects. No we promise this is a real thing! What a time to be alive. Now these things can get very expensive at a high 6,000 dollars. Fortunately we got ours for 3,500 dollars, still more than I currently own. But how in the world did we even afford this? Well technically we didn’t pay for it, Mrs. Akehurst applied for a CTE start up grant to teach graphic design which gave all possible funds. We were also given additional funds! So what about the printer itself? What is the material that is printed out? The 3D printer prints out a plastic filament in whatever shape you desire to print out. We asked Mrs. Akehurst how this would in fact benefit our school and she replied: IMG_2167

“ I think it will benefit the school in terms of giving kids more possibilities, more possibilities to realize what there is on the computer that they can actually print in 3D form. The idea of manufacturing and how things actually get built, thinking more perceptually so it’s not just a 2D plane…” she also goes on to list more possibilities that each effect our work greatly! So if you haven’t seen our new printer, drop by Mrs. Akehurst room 224 and don’t be afraid to ask questions about it… just resist the urge to touch!IMG_2173