By Ericka R.

When New Year’s comes around, the natural thing to do is make a New Year’s Resolution. This year, we have gone around asking as many people as we could find, what their New Year’s Resolution was. Everyone’s was special in their own way, but there were some that were just so outstanding that they make you wonder why you didn’t do that.

One of the most outstanding ones was by Mrs. Casey Bazyk, facilitator of tenth grade english. She had said only a simple word, “Authenticity”, and it really makes you wonder what she must have been thinking about when she thought of that. She explained that most all New Year’s Resolutions were broken and weren’t of that much importance in a way. She said she hadn’t wanted to make it something that would be meaningless later on. By authenticity she meant she wanted to live authentically, to have and authentic life. And for those of you who don’t really know what authentic means, because really who actually knows everything, it means to be “real or genuine : not copied or false”, as stated by Merriam-Webster.


Another of our most outstanding resolutions was made by Freshman student America Cervantes. She had mentioned she doesn’t “want to get attached to fictional characters”, and honestly who doesn’t these days, whether it’s a TV show or simply a book.  Everyone has a soft spot for those fictional characters that surrounds us, and if you don’t, it’s probably better that way. For anyone who gets too attached, we know it’s a painful process, especially if it all just ends. I am sure most everyone can relate to America, and if you can’t, then your life has one less problem than ours.

Of course all were special in their own way like Mr. Daniel Burdess with his one word, inspired by Mrs. Bazyk, “Dire Wolf”, standing for mystery. Or an Anonymous’ “To hate school less”, which, by the way, was broken the first day back. And there was of course others who simply said they didn’t make one.


The list of those not mentioned above:


Our New Tech Writing Staff (Most of it):


“Get better grades”- Aricka Burks


“To be more like happy(Fairy Tale)”- Noah Fitzgerald


“Have a piece of mind”- Kiara Johnson


“Win the lottery”- Ariel Gonzalez


“Less boy problems”- Sam


“Budget better”- Zach Espinosa


“Make a resolution”- Nick Easter


“To come out of my little Eve hole(Hiding Place)”- Eve Gower


“Lose ten pounds”- Anonymous


“start going to bed before 11”- Aileen Juarez


“Be more active/ exercise”- Noemi Martinez


Teachers and students:


“Get a pet monkey that speaks English” – Macy France


“To not have a New Year’s resolution”- Mr. Daniel Burdess


“Spend more time with family”- Mrs. Maria Akehurst


“My dad and I have a New Year’s Resolution of no soda or energy drinks, and if we break it, we have to put a dollar into the “Loser Jar”- Devon Pillaro


“Work on raising my gpa for NYU”- Jasmin Ramirez


“Actually drink water”- Summer Smith


“I do what I want”- Mr. Lewandowski


“Be more fit and healthy, and learn how to love myself”- Malaysone Phetchareun


“New Year, New Me”- Evelin Fierro


“Have an exciting year, go do active stuff”- Talley Frus