10264965_550930281751806_8856213226449849020_nSome of the things you wanna see in Cali

10341665_550930245085143_1584899363472849256_n 4754_550930461751788_5257969404705716351_n 1010376_550930265085141_8671759584855933497_n 1916207_550930301751804_965317271310759508_n is of course the hollywood sign which is really cool . Another cool things you can see are the stars

There’s this place you can go its downtown

It’s call The Ally.What they have there is a bunch of 10606059_550198491824985_8309594966636901280_nstuff. Each street has like a certain thing they sell. Like there is a blacket street. There is one with candy anything that has to do with parties. And more there is stuff like makeup, clothes , shoes, speakers 1928881_550930225085145_199900540253128184_n

There in Cali there is many Piers

I went to one called the Santa Monica Pier. It was pretty cool because they had rides for little ones and lots of stuff you could buy.