image1 image3New Technology High School. Yeah, sure, it is mostly made up of technology, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the company of books. Technology is taking over and it is changing the way we learn. It has its pro’s and con’s, but books are the best way to learn. Learners spend too much time on their devices and sometimes it can distract them from what they are really supposed to do. Our very own facilitator, Veronica Thiele, a Journalism and English facilitator, has decided to open up a petition for a school library. It has been proven that when reading off a book, learners are capable of learning more. Learners should have the ability to enjoy the world of reading. But we decided to ask some students about their opinions about opening a new school library.

The first person that we interviewed is Aileen Juarez, she started; “I feel like it’s good and bad, Good because I honestly am so use to reading books and love reading in ‘old’ fashion way. Bad because we’ll be wasting money. The school had been open for a few years and don’t even have its own team in sports or have its own proms and stuff, so we’re basically making it demand of money to make students and teachers happy. When the thing is, we may not have that money to begin with to do everything.” The second person we decided to ask is Madison Brooks, “No because not many people read books anymore because we have too much school work. People don’t return books like they should and we have computers so we can just read books off of there.” Many people have diverse opinions, even being in the same age group. Some people believe that we should just stick to technology and others believe that we should keep it old fashion. Maybe the school should invest in a small library and those who want to read books can visit when they can. Not many people like to read and it’s partly because books are starting to go away. There are many statistics that reveal that learners can score higher on the ACT. Learners in school library programs and extended library hours scored up to 8.4% to 21.8% higher on ACT English tests and 11.7% to 16.7% higher on ACT Reading tests.

We should focus on what’s important and invest in a school library. We can have higher test scores. Old fashion way is always the good way.