The quickest way to get to work on production is to start a YouTube channel. YouTube is an online video browser where millions of people publish videos, gaming, music, art, or just updates on what’s up in the world or their life, etc. Everyone can do it it’s free. Most people don’t see that to actually do it is somewhat confusing.


#1 Do your research

Yay! You have started step one. Millions of people talk about how to do things. Starting a YouTube channel is somewhat confusing so doing research is necessary.


#2 Who are you?

You need a name and keywords. What does your channel represent? Are you a Speed Artist, a Poketuber, and CoD player? Everyone likes certain things, you need to know what you will be doing and what you will be called. Try to make it catchy and represent what you will be doing.


#3 Ummm… whats a video?

What are you going to be using to record? What are you going to use to edit? There are many free recording systems and editing systems, but you will probably need to invest at some point. It all depends on how serious you are. For myself I have spent say 50$ on supplies, I have earned it all back within two months. Good equipment completely changes what you can do.


#4 Organization!

Everyone loves charts, and calendars right? Well I didn’t until I started YouTube. Sooner or later you will have fans you need to look professional. A chart saying you will be doing this on that day will help drastically. YouTube can be your job and it requires days of work.


#5 Social Media

I’m not very social but, I have every kind of account you can think of. I use twitter preferably to talk to my audience. Getting a social media account really helps! Don’t spam people, but get to know people and work with them. Social media is where your audience can truly help you.

#6 Keep going

You are almost there! You have one-hundred subs, and post videos three times a week, You’re starting to get involved in social media and you are on a steady road to success. Keep working you are doing great! never miss a day, and love your audience because they are what makes you succeed.
If you don’t actually know how to sign up for YouTube and do all the paper and email work watch this video!