By Giselle N. hqdefault

The presidentials are coming up and everyone is anxious for the next person in office, but what do you think about Kanye West for president in 2020? Kanye made his surprising announcement at the 2015 VMA’s declaring his candidacy.  West is a very successful person. He’s a music artist, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur; a modern renaissance man. He is very often known for being self centered and being honest, and an honorable mention,1422662295_kanye-west-smiling-pres-obama-kim-kardashian_3 he is married to Kim Kardashian. Many people are confused if he is just joking around or serious, but he says it is real. President Obama’s reaction: “That’s crazy. Cray”. One of his comments to West was “Do you really think this country is going to elect a black guy from the South Side of Chicago with a funny name to be the president of the United States?” After his shocking statement, people all over the media were talking about it. People argued on Twitter, made jokes and memes about it. It was trending all over the web. I conducted a poll to see if the students at New Tech would consider voting for Kanye as president. Thirty eight percent of the people questioned voted yes and sixty one percent voted no. So who would you vote for him as our president in 2020? If you’re still unsure, just think that Kim would be the first lady. maxresdefault