The newest trending technology that is sweeping the world by storm is the world’s first hover-board.  This product was launched October 21, 2015. It’s an electric hands free scooter and if you’re brave enough try to purchase one of these exclusive people-movers, then you probably have a few questions and we have answers. Where can I buy one ?, well quite a few retailers are sold out or don’t want to stock them due to liability issues so going t12516589_1700861823518841_916528413_no one of the manufacturer’s websites is your best bet. How much is it going to cost ?, some of the best reviewed boards can range up to $1,000, though others without celebrity reputations can cost from $500-$900. I recommend you budget to spend at least $500. Which ones are the safest ?, believe it or not some hover boards actually  explode because the battery pack are very low and they overheat. Most people say that China is to blame since they are the ones who are making the hover-boards. Beware of what hover-board you buy because if you find one at a very low price or a coupon-type steep discount chances are it can and will explode and catch on fire. Should you invest in a hover-board ? If that’s what truly interests you then by all means.