By Noah Fitzgerald

Entertainment… Life as we know it revolves around entertainment. What’s the most important job, Doctors? No, Entertainers, moviemakers, and people who peak your interest are the most important. Right now movies and videos are the craze! Many people are delving into an unknown cavern to get into the honey hole called production. I myself have started going into production, and I have a few tips and tricks which if you put in the work, will guarantee success in this field.

#1 – Do they like apples or bananas?

Sadly, not everyone likes what you like. This job can be a hassle if you don’t know what is “in”. Your audience is everything, if you don’t please them you don’t make money, the bigger the audience the bigger the pay. Don’t get me wrong though start off doing what you specialize in but, as you go on try to gain access to the other key areas.

“Jack of all trades, master of none,

though oftentimes better than master of one.”

This quote brings light to this field of work, you can’t dabble with one color you have to use multiple, you have to be appealing. Nevertheless people who try new things often can become trendsetters, but those trendsetters began being a follower. First rule of production is to be appealing.


123#2 – 123 not 321

Quality is more important than quantity; that is Law! Don’t be in a rush you’re not counting down you’re counting up. You are the architect of art, if you rush then you will find that their house is missing a bathroom sometimes even the roof. You forget key aspects that ultimately change the picture. Can you imagine it if  J.K. Rowling didn’t add the part where Voldemort dies!

“Quality is better than quantity.

One home run is much better than two doubles.”

Think about how you would feel if you got six small chocolates rather than one big chocolate bar. You’d have to open six wrappers!


#3 – Look in the mirror and see your pimples

You have to know your work isn’t perfect. Though, it may not be perfect you can change it to make it better. What i’m saying is take time to grow and critique yourself. You will never get better until you realize you have something to improve on. Say, “I will conquer you pimples!” Everyone in this field makes sure they spend time looking over their drafts.


#4 – Production isn’t easy so… Cry about it EMOTIONS

Production is more than just words on a sheet of paper, or pictures on a screen. It’s long nights spent with headaches. You have to be appealing, you always have to do something that makes the audience say, “wow that’s Amazing!”. Show your emotions in your work. Every piece of your work is a piece of you. You actually have to pour your whole heart into your work. Remember, millions of people are going into this line of work, yours has to be better. How else will you get noticed.


#5 – Walk the Catwalk

There is no way you will be seen if you don’t put yourself out there. Social media is the easiest way. There is a very little chance you will ever get big without telling other people what you do. Followers will come once you are big, but you are starting small. Starting small is hard work. You have to get a group, you have to find someone who can help you get big. Lucky for you their are various organizations which can help you get to that point. Depending on what type of production you are planning their are various groups. Do your research and let them help you walk the Catwalk.
As you can see, Production isn’t easy. There is a lot of work involved. You have to put your whole self into your work, get yourself out there, get criticized, and be appealing. If you do the work and truly love doing this line of work. You will succeed!