fdCDZZEycp8SH2mcjK8yrkkoDZwHO9Jvj8u8-JZTDHKjqiBlQ6KHRo3OvsDCxw-LqHZonw=s2048(1)Reading everyday is a drag, is what most people will think. With all type of electronics devices, anyone can whip out a book and read. Yet it seems people either don’t understand that concept or just plain out don’t like reading.

Reading is a great thing to do during your free time, but many don’t see it like that. Many see reading something ‘smart’ people do, which is NOT true. Trust us, people don’t read for knowledge only but for enjoyment. The thrill of watching something happening in another universe or a story of people saving the world while dealing with problems that involve with romance, friendship, and family. Don’t like way of description in writing in a certain book? There are variety of authors that have different writing skills. Hate books with romance? Well, there’s books that don’t involve with romance and varies in genre.

When people usually read they want to find a book that is good for them or what they find interesting. “I read fiction and sometimes like romance but usually it’s young adults, but really like action. I really like sci-fi action.”, said Mrs. Thiele . Action book are very popular nowadays since most of the most that has a sequence usually make a movie like hunger games,Divergent, and etc. There is also some negative people who dislike book “ I don’t feel cause I don’t do it.”,said a freshman which is okay everyone has different opinion about reading a book.

When reading an amazing novel we find the interest into reading more of the story, which makes us likely to be a ‘bookworm’. Being a bookworm is nothing wrong. There’s the emotional breakdown like when your favorite character just died by the evil villain  or when in a romance novel the man falls for the wrong woman. Those are the worst but you can get through it. Reading is something that you think is fascinating and something you feel amazed by.

Reading also shown as an important thing as well, reading can improve your writing skills in a way. Reading also can teach the individual lessons without you even going through the trajic events or go into an adventure. The character does it for you! Plus reading is an amazing hobby and interest. Why? Well if it’s one of the things you enjoy and your parents decided to ground you for something, will they seriously make you give up on reading for a punishment? Not a sane one, at the least, would do that! So pick up a book (or you electronice and get a book online) and read, explore into the world call reading!