by Madison Carr

Today in 2016 something that has been affecting teens is teen pregnancy, and the affect on teens is just progressively getting worse. It not only affects your late years of being a child it completely changes your whole entire life. Parenthood for teens is the leading reason for young adults to drop out of high school. IMG_7803Currently 50 percent of teen mom’s never graduate from high school or get a GED. Following that less than 2 percent of teen mom’s earn a college degree by the age of 30 years old. That affects you money/job wise very much that labels you of having to work at an entry level job. That means that these jobs are usually part-time and are temporary and do not offer employee benefits such as insurance or vacation etc. About 24 percent of teen mothers have their 2nd child with 24 months of their first child. And 8 out of 10 teen fathers do not marry the mother of their child. More than half of mothers on welfare had their first child as a teen, in fact ⅔’s of families begun young unmarried mothers turn out to be poor. Teen pregnancy is a socially, economically , physically, and emotionally complex issue. In 2008 the teen pregnancy rate among African Americans and Hispanic teen girls ages 15 through 19, was over two and a half times higher than the teen pregnancy rate among white teen girl in the same age group. A sexually active teen who doesn’t use contraceptives has a 90 percent chance of becoming pregnant within a year. We could completely stop teen pregnancy and spreading diseases by residing to abstinence. But we all know that is not reality with teens having such crazy hormones during this huge life changing stage. (Contraceptives- a device or drug used to prevent pregnancy. Ex- birth control, female/male condom) So if you are sexually active and not willing to be abstinent than you should either use a condom or use birth control. One third of teenage girls did not use any type of contraception the last time they had sex. And 52 percent of teens say they did not use contraceptives because they’re intimate partner did not want too.