IMG_0539 By Chris Lemus

Recently, some big news has occurred for one of the biggest and richest soccer teams in the world. Real madrid have fired their manager, Rafa Benitez because of his poor results in game and his horrible relationship with the players. He was arguably one of the worst managers to to take charge of the soccer club. I know that most or all of the club’s fans hated his tactics and wanted him gone, I have personally felt this way. Rafa Benitez became the manager of Real Madrid in the summer of 2015 and received tension from the public as soon as he got called for the job. This is because their previous manager, Carlo Ancelotti was a fan favorite. He was unexpectedly fired and once the fans found out, they went crazy and became mad at the president for firing one of the best managers they have had in a long time.

IMG_0538 Rafa Benitez was replaced and rightfully so with a man loved by the Real Madrid community, Zinedine Zidane. Zidane was the assistant manager of the club two seasons ago and he was a big part of the club getting the notorious, “Decima” or tenth champions league trophy. The fans have a soft spot in their hearts for this man. I have went out and asked two people by the names of Frankie and Bryan Serrano of their opinions on this matter and their responses were those of any passionate Real Madrid fans. They were extremely happy and said that they believe real madrid can be one of the best teams again. I really hope so and I am personally happy with the club’s decision of firing Benitez.