_DSC0522 By Bianca Gear and Yoana Rosales DSC_0130

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Mark Jenkins is a famous artist who started to make sculptures completely out of plastic wrap and masking tape. These fun clear sculptures ranged from dogs to babies and anything in between. This week the art students of New Technology High are creating their very ownDSC_0100 plastic wrap sculptures and placing them around the school in order to learn about space in art.

When asked why Mrs. Smith chose this project she said she thought this would be a fun and creative way to explore space and work together in a way the learners haven’t gotten to before. This is also an opportunity for learners to be able to experience space in a new way and learn how space interacts with others. We went into art to take some pictures to see how artists are coming along with the DSC_0118sculptures._DSC0528_DSC0523_DSC0517