Most likely to become internet famous- Malaysone Phetchareun

Most likely to survive zombie apocalypse- Brian Lopez and second runner up was Mr. Morley

Most likely to become president- Denise Granados

Best Dressed Girl- Isamar Ortiz

Most likely to become a millionaire- Garrett Glenn

Best Couple- Lucy and CaylandIMG_8974

Best Eyes- Katie Roethle

Best Smile-  Julian Kim

Best Makeup- Evelin Fierro

Best Hair- Emily McDougald

Become a crazy cat lady- Carmina Halbert

Rob a Bank- Summer Smith

Most Creative- AnastasIia Franklin

Most likely to become a Hippie- Tayy Spearman

Most likely to become a mad scientist- Jacob Hertz

Most likely to own you $500- Trevor Percy

Best Dressed Boy- Jesus Velasco

Loudest person- Joan James

Best Smile- Janet Sanchez