One of our fellow journalist spend their winter vacation somewhere out of the country, Mexico. This caught our attention and decided to write about this certain country, which is why this article is about the beloved and well-known country. Before we go into the topic of how other’s view Mexico, let’s go over what we may say about it. Some describe it as a place with good and respectful ethics, a place where there’s no shortcuts in life and the people having to work hard with the things they have. Others say it’s a dangerous place that many people, others say it’s like a paradise where you really get freedom.

IMG_0032Many thought that the world in Mexico really showed their culture out there. By providing product that they sell in the street food one student said,”The street food is delicious.” Many others had the same response of the street food, that or they didn’t try it yet. Some of the people who had not been to Mexico shared that sometimes United States copies the food one student named Chris said,”Yeah because there is food like Taco Bell and other restaurants.” Although some who had not gone to this country said that, even though they had not tried their food directly in the country, they think it’s amazing. The girls shown took part of the interview and said that they think the food is good and amazing! When asked what is the most popular  food at Mexico, they responded with tacos and paleteros which most people we’ve interviewed agreed with the taco statement.

IMG_0031We later on talked to people about how is it like in Mexico and the difference between United States and Mexico. Many thought that it was a friendly and culture living,” the way living,” replied by student Amy. Structure is a main thing that most can identify as a difference at a first glance, they say that Mexico’s structure is also considered beautiful. The housing is wonderful yet not as modern in here.

Although there is beauty in Mexico that this the way of show their culture. From eating elotes(corn) to helping other in the street. Which most kindness is spread their,” Yeah most of the people are kind if you ask for direction you mostly get it.”, said by Amy. Sometimes when a person goes to Mexico they struggle speaking the language or some don’t even know anything in spanish.”Yeah I struggle speaking spanish sometimes I have to ask my mom how to say some words.” Others had a the the same response one in particular that we had interview went to Mexico but didn’t speak it,” Yeah I don’t know any spanish. I go to Mexico every year, just don’t know the language.”, said by Randall. Some say it’s difficult due to use to the english language here, others because people in Mexico are in a more advance level.

The one’s who went to Mexico, they concluded it as a wonderful experience. Other’s who didn’t go say that they wished to experience the Mexican culture. Mexico, in our opinion, seems like a wonderful place for something new and relax at.IMG_2835