On the 27th of December Me and my friend decided to check out Buffalo Wild Wings in Bentonville, Ar. We had heard numerous good reviews on this restaurant, so with a pocket full of money and nothing else to do we went. When we got to the establishment we were served with a smile and we were s12498893_1694855654119458_835744790_neated to a booth immediately after entering.It took us some time to pick out what to eat, there were so many options to choose from but in the end we decided to get what they were best known for their wings. No less than 10 minutes our first course was served. Our reaction when we took our first bite was “OMG. This is so good”  but after that the spiciness kicked in and it kicked hard. In a good way of course. The wings were tender and fresh. For a first impression I  would rate it 10 out of 10, would try it again.

Later after we finished our wings we decided to get some dessert. We ordered what was called a “Nacho Desert” which was basically cinnamon toasted bread with vanilla ice cream, caramel and chocolate syrup, that had warm cheesecake bites on the top. When we tried them it tasted familiar it was like a Mexican dessert that’s called bunuelos which basically is a type of cinnamon bread that you can either have in a bread form or in a sticky consistency. I would definitely recommend getting the “Nacho Dessert” to anyone who would want to go to “Buffalo Wild Wings”. We will definitely be going back some time soon to try other options they serve. 12506739_1694853647452992_319939107_n