evidence 1 evidence 2 evidence 4evidence 3During our investigation, we found that vandalism had occurred in Mr. Sisson and Mr.Lew’s classroom. We found numerous pictures that had distasteful comments on them. Apparently this incident wasn’t done in front of everybody present in the room that day, for there was only a handful of people present. We asked a group of suspects sitting the closest to the scene, they were all quick to point fingers. Others weren’t so serious about what was going on and gave false accusations on innocent people. Some of the writings we found on the items vandalized contained content such as “fart”, “Music is the worst”, and worst of all… “A son who wore a new car”. Our main suspect was Bryce wood. He was really complyent to the questions we asked him which automatically gave him a spot as one of the possible culprits. During the investigation, the lights were on, he wore a navy blue hoodie, light blue washed jeans, and sketchers. He confirmed he might know who did it. My team and I questioned him for approximately two minutes starting at 12:22 p.m., and then let him think things through. It was almost too easy .. and to fast. We later came back to ask him more questions, and he slipped up by admitting that it was a “she”. Finally  and he confessed, never hesitated. Even his surrounding comrades agreed to his statement.The criminal was Haylee Jonewittness(1)s!. *gasps* I know. Who would’ve thought a young lady would commit such an act.  In the end the Ms. Jones was given 9 months in the Juvenile delinquent facility and is awaiting trial for probation. The vandalized portraits were remade free of charge to Mr.Sisson and Mr.Lew. To conclude this investigation, justice was served.