We entered the room with one intention: to find the flags and find out who had done it. There were four flags missing when we got there. We started by interviewing some students to see what they saw and taking pictures of the scene. Most of the students said they saw Mr. Conaway come into the room on the day Ms. Faubel, the victim, was absent. After further interviewing, we found out that Will, a student, was an accomplice with Conaway. He had distracted everyone by leading them out of the room so Conaway could steal the flag. Then an envelope was slid under the door by an anonymous person, which got our attention after loud knocks on the door. When we were unable to capture the one who delivered the note, we looked what the envelope contents. It contained pictures and each reveal the location of each flag. We took this evidence and went to each room to see if we could solve this crime.

The first room we investigated was Mr. Conaway’s. He told us that he knew nothing and didn’t do it. We saw the fag in his window and ask why he had it. He said because it was his. We didn’t believe him so we confiscated the flag, in case if he decide to hide it somewhere else. We had other rooms to search so we took the flag and left. The next place we went to was Mr. Morley’s room. He had the flag hung in plain sight. We questioned him about it, but he said that he was out of the room when it happened and that he knew nothing. The last rooms we investigated were Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Lunsford. Both of them had no idea how the flag got there or why it was in their room.This was when the case got hard due to people pleading the fifth and saying they have no clue about the crime.

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We then went back to Conaway’s room and this time we had him waive his rights so that we could use what he said in court, just in case we need them. He broke down in tears and confessed. He also confessed that Mr. Morley, Mr. Nelson, and Mrs. Lunsford did have something to do with it but that part was left unsolved due to them not cooperating. We arrested him that day and he went to jail for six months. That concludes the end of the crime. It was a tough case to crack, but with perseverance and evidence, we were able to sole the case of the stolen flags.