Police have apprehended Jacob Ewing and Kailey Schade for the murder of James Elder. December 3rd had been an ordinary day for most facilitators and students at Rogers New Technology High School. The students of room 601 had came face to face with a big surprise. After lunch the students came to the horrific scene of what seemed to be a murder. The victim was taped to a target and had a bow in his left side. After the Inside Howl Police came in to investigate , they confirmed that it had been a murder. Many eye witnesses claimed to have seen it all go by so fast that it was just a blur. One witness then came in IMG_0859and confessed to seeing the crime being committed. With that The Inside Howl authorities came in and apprehended 15 year old Jacob, and Kayla for the murder of their peer Jacob. Both delinquents were arrested December 14th for fourth degree murder.