RNTHS Newspaper | Suspect at Large | Mesrine Breadsticks

RNTHS (Rogers New Technology High School) during recent events we have had a serious crime! Students and teachers, after eating bread, began to grow mustaches and started speaking fluent french. In room 525 at 2:42pm the incident came under your newspapers attention. Mrs. Farrar, a teacher at the school was the one to report the crime, although due to testimonies brought to us by some key witnesses she and another student, America Cervantes, are currently being questioned to be the suspect. The suspect who will be found will be charged with a 4-12 years time in a federal prison, and can be fined up to thousands of dollars. Who knew such a crime could end someone up in prison and with a lifetime of debts. Crime does not pay. The motive behind the case that we are calling the Mesrine Breadstick case.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.41.29 AM

Picture caption(Jacques Mesrine was a french murderer who got away with many crimes, the breadsticks were just the contaminated evidence. Combining the two together was is how the title was born.)

The motive has not yet been found there are a few gaps we must fill before we can bring you more news. Nevertheless, there are still a suspect or suspects at large. Soon enough the Mesrine Breadsticks case will be solved, and there will be peace again at RNTHS.