by: Taylor Voight, Ariel Gonzalez, Chris Lemus, Sammy Miranda.

On the morning of December 3rd, 2015 a crime took place in the beloved classroom of Mr. Daniels. Four bodies were found dead and are being released to the families today. When briefed by the state of police we were told that the victims were allegedly killed by a head forced trauma, however each body was found carrying packets of soy sauce and other products from local restaurant Panda Express. How peculiar! The suspect, Gracie Fuston, was questioned at the scene early on that day and we,the reporters, talked with the main investigators on the case. After asking the reason Gracie was questioned nearly immediately at the scene Detective Voight, the lead on the case replied with,

“When we walked into the crime scene I almost immediately noticed her strange behavior, So naturally we went to interview her.” Fair enough Detective, however we wondered just when they realized she was in possession of the murder weapon?

“Well at first it wasn’t noticed, the school provides laptops for all their students, so it wasn’t until our autopsy members examined the body and determined the cause of death was a head forced trauma, that was when we realized the dented laptop, she clutched tightly, was potential evidence… and with the confirmation of DNA recognition we found that it was in fact the murder weapon used!” This is all compelling evidence but who could this murderer possibly be? According to the detective:

“When confronted about the murder weapon and other evidence Gracie did what I wish ALL suspects would do, she confessed!” An actual confession… but it couldn’t have possibly been that easy? Perhaps not everyone can take the heat of our school police force, but what about the Panda Express packets… what did those have to do with anything? We asked Investigator Lemus for enlightening information:

“The day of Crime was a day all members with trust cards were given the chance of go off campus to each lunch, the four victims happened to go to Panda Express that day.” Okay that clears us up a bit, but just why would Gracie murder all these innocent students?

“Well with evidence and further questioning we came to the conclusion that her motive was out of jealousy, the victims did not invite her to go to Panda Express with them, so when they returned, Gracie took her anger out and murdered them using a laptop.” So there you have it, the tragic crime that left 4 innocent students dead and one not-so-innocent student behind bars. Gracie trial was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon but after close analysis it was moved to yesterday after school. She was quickly charged with Voluntary manslaughter and theft. She can face up to 11 years in prison, 6 with good behavior and community service. Is Rogers New Technology High School REALLY safe? Rumor has it this isn’t the only crime of the week. A record breaking 9 criminal acts were committed that week alone. The Journalism kids are always up for the job! However all this has come into questioning… Are we really safe? What’s this sudden burst of bad behavior? How can we stop this? And most of all is the cafeteria lunch meat…. really meat? Thanks for reading this week’s daily update featuring anything and everything here at New Tech!