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December 2015

Police have apprehended Jacob and Kayla for the murder of James

Police have apprehended Jacob Ewing and Kailey Schade for the murder of James Elder. December 3rd had been an ordinary day for most facilitators and students at Rogers New Technology High School. The students of room 601 had came face to face with a big surprise. After lunch the students came to the horrific scene of what seemed to be a murder. The victim was taped to a target and had a bow in his left side. After the Inside Howl Police came in to investigate , they confirmed that it had been a murder. Many eye witnesses claimed to have seen it all go by so fast that it was just a blur. One witness then came in IMG_0859and confessed to seeing the crime being committed. With that The Inside Howl authorities came in and apprehended 15 year old Jacob, and Kayla for the murder of their peer Jacob. Both delinquents were arrested December 14th for fourth degree murder.


Criminal Report:


by: Taylor Voight, Ariel Gonzalez, Chris Lemus, Sammy Miranda.

On the morning of December 3rd, 2015 a crime took place in the beloved classroom of Mr. Daniels. Four bodies were found dead and are being released to the families today. When briefed by the state of police we were told that the victims were allegedly killed by a head forced trauma, however each body was found carrying packets of soy sauce and other products from local restaurant Panda Express. How peculiar! The suspect, Gracie Fuston, was questioned at the scene early on that day and we,the reporters, talked with the main investigators on the case. After asking the reason Gracie was questioned nearly immediately at the scene Detective Voight, the lead on the case replied with,

“When we walked into the crime scene I almost immediately noticed her strange behavior, So naturally we went to interview her.” Fair enough Detective, however we wondered just when they realized she was in possession of the murder weapon?

“Well at first it wasn’t noticed, the school provides laptops for all their students, so it wasn’t until our autopsy members examined the body and determined the cause of death was a head forced trauma, that was when we realized the dented laptop, she clutched tightly, was potential evidence… and with the confirmation of DNA recognition we found that it was in fact the murder weapon used!” This is all compelling evidence but who could this murderer possibly be? According to the detective:

“When confronted about the murder weapon and other evidence Gracie did what I wish ALL suspects would do, she confessed!” An actual confession… but it couldn’t have possibly been that easy? Perhaps not everyone can take the heat of our school police force, but what about the Panda Express packets… what did those have to do with anything? We asked Investigator Lemus for enlightening information:

“The day of Crime was a day all members with trust cards were given the chance of go off campus to each lunch, the four victims happened to go to Panda Express that day.” Okay that clears us up a bit, but just why would Gracie murder all these innocent students?

“Well with evidence and further questioning we came to the conclusion that her motive was out of jealousy, the victims did not invite her to go to Panda Express with them, so when they returned, Gracie took her anger out and murdered them using a laptop.” So there you have it, the tragic crime that left 4 innocent students dead and one not-so-innocent student behind bars. Gracie trial was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon but after close analysis it was moved to yesterday after school. She was quickly charged with Voluntary manslaughter and theft. She can face up to 11 years in prison, 6 with good behavior and community service. Is Rogers New Technology High School REALLY safe? Rumor has it this isn’t the only crime of the week. A record breaking 9 criminal acts were committed that week alone. The Journalism kids are always up for the job! However all this has come into questioning… Are we really safe? What’s this sudden burst of bad behavior? How can we stop this? And most of all is the cafeteria lunch meat…. really meat? Thanks for reading this week’s daily update featuring anything and everything here at New Tech!

Murder of Mr. Burdess at New Technology Highschool – By: Tony L., Peyton W., Noemi M. Giselle N.

Rogers New Technology High School sophomore student, Chloe Mckinney, has been arrested and charged for the murder of Daniel Burdess, the GHP facilitator at New Tech.  Frame-16-12-2015-11-30-45 

Students found Mr. Burdess’ body lying on the floor lifeless. Forensics show that it was a homicide caused by blunt force trauma to the head. At the same time, their class robot was missing and evidence points that it was used as the murder weapon. 

Officials arrived at the scene and began observing the classroom. Not much evidence was found, so investigators had to rely on the witnesses. After gathering the witnesses, investigators questioned them. They claimed they had seen a female like body fleeing the crime scene right before they entered the room and found Burdess dead. They described her as the suspect as having blonde hair and wearing a black jacket.

They ruled out all the Frame-16-12-2015-11-32-46possible suspects and only 2 were left. There were a lot of back and forth accusations between Chloe and Alma. With the help of Detective Martinez and Detective Wells, they were able to crack down to the person guilty of the crime, which was Mckinney. The trial took place December 10 and Mckinney was convicted of second degree murder and she was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The family of Burdess Frame-1now remains grieving but with hope from justice.

The Case of The Stolen Flags

We entered the room with one intention: to find the flags and find out who had done it. There were four flags missing when we got there. We started by interviewing some students to see what they saw and taking pictures of the scene. Most of the students said they saw Mr. Conaway come into the room on the day Ms. Faubel, the victim, was absent. After further interviewing, we found out that Will, a student, was an accomplice with Conaway. He had distracted everyone by leading them out of the room so Conaway could steal the flag. Then an envelope was slid under the door by an anonymous person, which got our attention after loud knocks on the door. When we were unable to capture the one who delivered the note, we looked what the envelope contents. It contained pictures and each reveal the location of each flag. We took this evidence and went to each room to see if we could solve this crime.

The first room we investigated was Mr. Conaway’s. He told us that he knew nothing and didn’t do it. We saw the fag in his window and ask why he had it. He said because it was his. We didn’t believe him so we confiscated the flag, in case if he decide to hide it somewhere else. We had other rooms to search so we took the flag and left. The next place we went to was Mr. Morley’s room. He had the flag hung in plain sight. We questioned him about it, but he said that he was out of the room when it happened and that he knew nothing. The last rooms we investigated were Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Lunsford. Both of them had no idea how the flag got there or why it was in their room.This was when the case got hard due to people pleading the fifth and saying they have no clue about the crime.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.26.42 PM

We then went back to Conaway’s room and this time we had him waive his rights so that we could use what he said in court, just in case we need them. He broke down in tears and confessed. He also confessed that Mr. Morley, Mr. Nelson, and Mrs. Lunsford did have something to do with it but that part was left unsolved due to them not cooperating. We arrested him that day and he went to jail for six months. That concludes the end of the crime. It was a tough case to crack, but with perseverance and evidence, we were able to sole the case of the stolen flags.

Mesrine Breadsticks

RNTHS Newspaper | Suspect at Large | Mesrine Breadsticks

RNTHS (Rogers New Technology High School) during recent events we have had a serious crime! Students and teachers, after eating bread, began to grow mustaches and started speaking fluent french. In room 525 at 2:42pm the incident came under your newspapers attention. Mrs. Farrar, a teacher at the school was the one to report the crime, although due to testimonies brought to us by some key witnesses she and another student, America Cervantes, are currently being questioned to be the suspect. The suspect who will be found will be charged with a 4-12 years time in a federal prison, and can be fined up to thousands of dollars. Who knew such a crime could end someone up in prison and with a lifetime of debts. Crime does not pay. The motive behind the case that we are calling the Mesrine Breadstick case.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.41.29 AM

Picture caption(Jacques Mesrine was a french murderer who got away with many crimes, the breadsticks were just the contaminated evidence. Combining the two together was is how the title was born.)

The motive has not yet been found there are a few gaps we must fill before we can bring you more news. Nevertheless, there are still a suspect or suspects at large. Soon enough the Mesrine Breadsticks case will be solved, and there will be peace again at RNTHS.

Vandalistic Act

     evidence 1 evidence 2 evidence 4evidence 3During our investigation, we found that vandalism had occurred in Mr. Sisson and Mr.Lew’s classroom. We found numerous pictures that had distasteful comments on them. Apparently this incident wasn’t done in front of everybody present in the room that day, for there was only a handful of people present. We asked a group of suspects sitting the closest to the scene, they were all quick to point fingers. Others weren’t so serious about what was going on and gave false accusations on innocent people. Some of the writings we found on the items vandalized contained content such as “fart”, “Music is the worst”, and worst of all… “A son who wore a new car”. Our main suspect was Bryce wood. He was really complyent to the questions we asked him which automatically gave him a spot as one of the possible culprits. During the investigation, the lights were on, he wore a navy blue hoodie, light blue washed jeans, and sketchers. He confirmed he might know who did it. My team and I questioned him for approximately two minutes starting at 12:22 p.m., and then let him think things through. It was almost too easy .. and to fast. We later came back to ask him more questions, and he slipped up by admitting that it was a “she”. Finally  and he confessed, never hesitated. Even his surrounding comrades agreed to his statement.The criminal was Haylee Jonewittness(1)s!. *gasps* I know. Who would’ve thought a young lady would commit such an act.  In the end the Ms. Jones was given 9 months in the Juvenile delinquent facility and is awaiting trial for probation. The vandalized portraits were remade free of charge to Mr.Sisson and Mr.Lew. To conclude this investigation, justice was served.

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