By Aricka Burks

Chuy’s is a tex-mex restaurant. If you like your food with a kick the chicka chicka bomb bomb is the way to go. Although if you want to go in a transitional direction the steak burrito is the item for you. If you like nachos try their unconventional nachos item called the panchos. They even have a nacho car that is only open Monday thru Friday 4-7pm. Chuy’s have shirts on sale at fourteen for adults, thirteen for kids, and ten sale shirt items.

If you are looking for a career in a restaurant hospitality you can start your career pathway at Chuy’s as young as sixteen. Chuy’s is a restaurant all about fresh food and fresh product. Chuy’s over by the pinnacle mall has been open since January of 2014. That is not the only one open though. There are sixtyseven more open around the country.

I talked with their general manager Jason Crane. He has worked their for four years. He decided to work at Chuy’s because it was a company that was interesting and growing. There are so many positions at Chuy’s. Some of the positions have an age requirement and others don’t. Jason said that he favorite part of the day is when they are busy. He also said that he likes to come in everyday to see the people he works with and meet the new people that walk through the door everyday.