Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday filled with scares and lots candy! Though the last few yimageears Halloween has turned into being a contest to see who can wear the least amount of clothes. This year should be different though that’s why we went and asked many students the same question of, “Which Halloween costumes are we not going to see this Halloween season?” Many answered with the usual ghosts and ghouls. Girls said things like cats, Playboy bunny, animals, anything that did not have enough clothing. Then, guys said Morphsuits, Frankenstein, and Whoopie cushions. Everyone agreed that this year’s costumes should be filled with things that are comfy and that actually have clothing to wear. The best way to rock out a great costume this Halloween season is to don’t go with the usual be different. Think out of the box this Halloween season!

Top ten bad Halloween costumes said by you

4.Pun Costumes
5.Whoopie Cushion
6.Sexy Potato
7.American Horror Story