Halloween is just around the corner and costumes are begging to be bought or considered. We asked many students from different classes what costumes would be in this year. The results were pretty outside the box ideas. Some people said that Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump were the people to dress up as. For the gamers out there, it was suggested that dressing up as a video game characters will be in this all hallows eve. People who don’t really want to go all out in the whole traditional full on outfit are in luck because unicorn and horse masks are in the season as well. Those who like the traditional right shouldn’t worry because ghoul costumes of all kinds are what some people will be wearing. Who doesn’t think that minions aren’t at least a little funny. Minion costumes will be modeled on trick or treaters this year. Lastly, if you want a costume that is a little out there and outside of the box. Amazon Prime boxes and onesies with a pacifier are a great way to go so I have been told. I hope to see some interesting and scary costumes this year!