Many people think that librarians have an easy job but a lot of people don’t know that they do things that have requirements for the job.I asked Judy Casey seven questions the first one was “How old do you have to be to work at the library.”You have to be 18 years or older with a G.E.D or a high school diploma but for a higher ranking job in the profession you must need a librarian degree,but you can also work at the library at 16 years old you can work but only shelving the books.The next question was can anybody work at the library and as she said before anyone can work the requirements.The third question was if high school students were able to volunteer at the public library Judy’s answer was yes I then asked her how did they choose the people to volunteer at the library,and her response was that the student must fill out an application and they must have a few requirements that have to do with grammar the student must also have a parental permission.I asked her how much this profession paid it actually pays really well but it depends on the job ranking and in which public library you work at.The sixth question I asked her was does the public library band any sites her answer was that they libraries has many filterers and only bands illegal websites,but the library puts stronger filters on the children’s computers.The final question that I asked Judy was “how do you order the books for the library?”Judy responded that the employes looks at all the request that some people ask for but they mostly look at the reviews of the books she also stated that some vendors do give the public library discounts on the books which helps them on saving a little bit of money.The public library gets many visitors each day and many people go their to do homework or to study and even some go just for fun and to get a good book.Without library’s some people might not have a good hangout to do their homework or research they help us out and so do their librarians they are like the gate keepers and protectors of the library and the books inside.