By Payton Wells

J & L concrete is owned by Louis Ligi. It is a business that does concrete work and excavation. Mr. Ligi has owned the business since 1993. I got the opportunity to interview him! The first few questions I had asked him were simple ones like “Favorite and worst part about your job?” One of his favorite things about his job is that he gets to be the boss. He is the one that gets to control things and make sure everything is done right. His main impact in Rogers is helping fix sidewalks that are cracked or broken and also adding in new driveways for people who need them after road construction. Even though Mr. Ligi likes being the boss he said the worst thing about his job is the long hours most of the time and some of the time a high stress level. Though Lou Ligi loves his job it was not his first choice; it was just a job that was offered to him. Even with the high stress and long hours he would not trade his job for anything. Mr. Ligi is the owner of J and L concrete operated out of Rogers, Arkansas.