By Chris Lemus

As we all know, our computers are our most valuable and important tools in our everyday lives. We use them every single week day and some of us even use the computers on the weekends to do homework, play games, or maybe even shop. We think of this as just a normal tool that we use, but we don’t think of the effort that the school goes through to get these “simple” tools. We take our devices for granted and when we use them, we don’t think about how much they cost or what the price will be when they break. That is where the school comes in. We have a great staff and set of teachers that help us out with our technical issues, but in my opinion, the one who really goes the extra mile to help us with our needs is Mrs. Weisenfels.

Mrs. Weisenfels is a great technical helper and she fixes many problems including software problems like freezing, lagging, etc, and hardware issues like broken screens, internal issues, and even people spilling drinks on their laptops. I know that she may not fix the hardware problems herself, but she sends them to apple and makes all of the phone calls and paperwork which may not seem like much, yet it can certainly be stressful, especially when there are multiple problems.

I have had several problems myself with the laptop(s) that I have had over the past three years, all of them which have been fixed with the help of Mrs. Weisenfels. Freshman year was the best year in terms of laptop quality in my opinion. That year I had the perfect laptop, it was brand new because of it being the first year of the school and I ended the year with a laptop in great condition. My computer had no scratches, no dents, and it was always clean. I was proud of myself for that and for my sophomore year. Most of that year was great because I kept those conditions on my laptop, but after the second semester, it all went down hill. I found out that my Macbook had a serious issue which involved it not being able to turn on at all. After this occurred, I went to Mrs. Weisenfels and she solved my problems in a heartbeat. She gave me a different laptop and sent the other one to the apple factory to get it fixed. When I entered her room, I noticed all of the laptops which she was fixing and I was surprised. She is such a supportive person that assists so many people daily.

To conclude, we should all notice what Mrs. Weisenfels does and thank her for it. She is super helpful and I notice that some people get angry at her for not fixing their problems instantly. Just give her some time and she will fix your technological worries.