By Carolyn & Noemi

In New Technology High School, there are is going to come a time when we need to make an important decision and this decision is coming fast, as voting for class presidents, class Vice President, and Student Council is coming up soon after the first part of the second quarter.

Mrs. Ford, teaching leadership in this year along other subjects, is one of the facilitator that knows best about the information about the student council. “..excellent organization for kids to voice of the learner and involve with decision making and activities…. I think it’s a positive thing,” voiced out Mrs. Ford, sharing her thoughts about the student council. She also explained how to qualified to run for student council, “As it stands right now, the only thing you need to do to be in student council, is to sign up for it and it to fit your schedule. We are working on a way to make it a little more more compete to come in.”.  

Right at the moment, the actual date of voting and how it will happen isn’t clear. Despite so, you should find out who are running for class President & Vice President and student council before the time of voting. Do you even know at least one person running for the either of these positions? Many don’t even know a single person who’s even running, that’s why this editorial is going to tell who are running for what position.

Let’s start with the student council. For  President is Zachary Roberts and Noah Madryga. Austing Dill seems to be the only one that’s running up for VP. Ian Pusey is running for Secretary, while Ricardo Lopez is running for Treasurer. This is the portion people who are going after and is running for them.

Now, let’s talk about the Seniors and Junior class presidents and Vice Presidents. Seniors are the only one to vote for their class, while Juniors are to vote theirs. For Senior class President, we have Luke Dunn and Hannah Katt. No one is running for Vice President, sadly. In Junior President is Elena Ramirez. For Junior Class Vice President is Ismar Ortiz.

All learners are expected to vote. In other words, everyone has the power to increase the one who will be in our student council. Every vote counts. Not only does each vote matters, but each vote is for sure to make sure who you think is going make sure who will hear your voice in campus.