By Eve Glower

*Spoiler Alert*

Dark Life starts off with fifteen year old Ty. Ty lives in an underwater world with his younger sibling Zoe and his parents. The sea has risen, the Earth’s temperature is rising, so it was made possible to live underwater. One day, Ty decides to go and visit the sunken remains of New York City. When Ty gets attacked by some lantern sharks he seeks refuge in an abandoned submarine only to be greeted by blood spilled all over the place. Soon after hiding, he stumbles upon a topsider (someone who lives on land) named Gemma. It’s immediately obvious that they are going to be a couple, and they do, a couple that never fights. Like ever. What kind of relationship is that? I mean, she’s a runaway from an orphanage and her brother’s the leader of a group of outlaws, the Seablite Gang,  (big spoiler btw) and she doesn’t really know the first thing about the ocean, but other than that, her relationship with Ty is pristine. No one’s relationships are that good. Ty takes Gemma back to the topside, people comment on his glowing skin (due to something he eats), we find that Ty hates the topside, Gemma hates heights and then she is invited over for dinner.

When Ty returns to his home from his ‘close encounter’ with Gemma, he arrives to his younger sister with a huge oarfish. How does a nine year old catch a oarfish (after looking up pictures of oarfish hopefully because they’re huge) you ask? Well we find out in the end that she has a Dark Gift, electrifying things and Ty faked being some guy named Akai who had biosonar so his name wouldn’t get out. Gemma’s brother, Shade, also had a Dark Gift in which he can change his appearance. The gang that Gemma’s brother was in were escaped prisoners and Ty decides to help Gemma find her brother to sign her emancipation form. In the end, Shade ends up leaving his gang and doesn’t allow Gemma to go with him. Gemma nearly dies but Zoe shocks her back to life, and all ends well… for now. Read the next book, Rip Tide.