By curiosity a survey was taken to see how many New technology learners out of 427 were gonna go to college or straight to the workforce after they graduate. The change in decision was slowly numbering down and more learners seemed less interested in going to college.  The more the learners grew older their interest for going to college decreased more are making the decision to go straight to work..While interviewing the New Tech learners the freshman seemed more certain of going to college and the seniors had to think about it and they weren’t a hundred percent certain that they were going to college..

    The rate for freshman going to college all the way to seniors constantly decreases, almost as if motivation throughout the year fades. 304 learners out of a total of 427 were asked the question “ When you get out of highschool, do you plan on going straight to college or directly into the workforce?” 100 freshman out of 23 said yes to college directly after graduation. 65 sophomores out of 8 also chose college over work..

    We interviewed 50 juniors and only 38 of them said that they wanted to go to college after high school,and out of 55 seniors 45 said they wanted to go to school and the other 10 are going straight to work.. As you can see, your decisions on what you want to do with your life constantly change throughout your highschool years.