By Addison Columbus & Payton Wells

Recently I took a survey amongst the student body asking about what was popular for the female and male youth. There were a couple of things that I had never heard of.

For the female youth, many based what was hot off of the season’s trends. This year’s fall trends for girls are shoes such as boots and booties , dark lipstick, and sweaters. I am quite fond of all of these things myself. Another thing that is in is shopping. A specific brand of clothing that is popular is Victoria’s Secret Pink line. I see a lot of girls around school with Pink products. For example water bottles, bags, and shirts. Some other things that don’t really fit into a category are flannels, heeled sneakers, and Starbucks. By far out of all of these things Starbucks is my favorite. They make really good coffees and breakfast foods.

The male youth is into many sporadic things. Two things that some guys said that was popular among them was sound cloud and handless segways. I was informed that soundcloud is used to make something similar to a mixed tape. The handless segway is a version of those devices that mall cops use, but without handles. Some activities that they said they were into are weight lifting, video games, and football. For style guys said that they were into old school vans and hair products. Lastly guys are into cars.