A Review By Giselle N.

Recently, Rogers has added a new fast food restaurant, Whataburger, in the Pleasant Grove area near McDonald’s and Walmart. It is Texas-based and the only other location in Arkansas is in Fayetteville. Whataburger is known for their 100% beef and fresh ingredients that they use. Since I’ve never been to Whataburger, I decided to try it out and give my opinions about it.

Before construction began, I would always hear that it was a “really good burger”, “it’s the best burger” or “it’s so good”, so I went and asked other students on what they thought about Whataburger.

Rolando Cuevas, 9th, said his opinion about “the burger”. His first visited the location in Rogers on June 25th and said that he had heard that the burgers were supposed to be “really good”. He ordered the Regular Steakburger meal with onion rings and a cookie. I asked him what he thought about each individual food item. He said that the burger was “pretty good”. The bun was soft, but the cheese was gooey. His opinion on the burger was very different from the onion rings because he said that they were “awful”. For the cookie, he felt that the cookie was soft and said it was “how a cookie is supposed to taste”. His final words were that he would recommend it to a friend and gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Alondra Flores, 9th, went to Whataburger about 2 weeks ago and also ordered the same meal except she ordered a strawberry shake with it. Her take on the burger was that it was good but “not surprising” from what she heard from many people. The burger was large, but it was greasy, and the meat was dry. The fries were also good but greasy, also. Her tone changed, when she started to describe the strawberry shake. She said it was “bomb” and was full of flavor. She definitely recommends the shake and thinks the burger is “okay”, but she says to not be have high expectations for it. She gave it a 3 out of 5 stars.

After I interviewed the two students, it was my time to give my say. I ordered the #1, which was the regular burger, but without mustard or mayo. When I received my food, the smell of the burger filled up the car and my mouth began to water. I could agree with Alondra that the burger was certainly larger than most burger places. The bun was soft and warm. I opened the burger to check Rolando’s statement about the cheese being gooey, but I didn’t get the same reaction. The cheese was just stuck to the meat. I would’ve also expected the meat to be bigger but was a normal thickness. I then took a big bite and chewed slowly to taste all the flavors. What I first noticed was that the bun tasted very buttery which is my preference and the meat was somewhat dry. I also tried the fries and I thought that they were good. They were different from McDonald’s or Burger King because I felt they were more tender and gave off a less fried taste. I think that, overall, the long lines and waiting, isn’t really worth this burger. Like Alondra said, it wasn’t very surprising, but it was a good burger. I could agree, though, that it is better than McDonald’s, on my opinion. I would rate it a 3 out of 5 stars.

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